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Nurse Leadership Conference 2020


Date: July 22, 2020 

Time: 9:00AM - 12:30PM
Location: Webinar
CEUs: 3
Cost: $79/Members, $179/Non-Members 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommendations from the Governor of Oregon, OHCA is preparing to deliver the content of this course to registrants virtually. As the class date approaches, OHCA will provide registrants with details for participating in this course virtually. 

OHCA invites all seasoned and new DNS and other nurse leaders in nursing facilities, assisted living, residential care, and in-home care to join us for the Nurse Leadership Conference. This conference will focus on ways nurses can enhance their leadership skills and, in turn, provide better quality care to their residents and support for their staff. The event will also provide Oregon’s senior care nurses with the opportunity to develop their voices, tools, and relationships in the workplace. Presentations will focus on leading in times of adversity, guiding staff dealing with grief and loss, avoiding burnout, and COVID-19 related updates. 

Program Sessions

Leadership in Times of Adversity

Presented by Meagan English, Meagan English Consulting

Over the past 6 months, we have experienced a fundamental shift in the we work, and the way we live.  Now, more than ever, leaders must rise to serve our people and organizations during times of crises.  During our time together, the presenter will share the 3 critical elements that leaders must understand to lead through times of adversity, including:

  • The elements of collaboration
  • The importance of shared team vision and values
  • The impact of resilience in the workplace 

Cultivating Teams During Tumultuous Times: The Vital Role of the Nurse Leader   

Presented by Raeann Voorhies MBA, MSN, RN, AL-C

There is an urgent need to engage nurse leaders amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Nurses have been at the center of this pandemic and are expected to provide safe care despite higher than usual demands in the field. The big question for nurse leaders is how to develop agile care teams during times of uncertainty? Nurse leaders need competent clinical skills, empowering soft-skills, and an interdisciplinary team mindfulness to execute initiatives during dynamic times. If nurse leaders can empower care teams on the front line, our communities will be better equipped to handle the current shift in care needs.

This presentation will provide a methodology to follow when evaluating your care team, particularly those working on the front line. We will apply problem-solving skills to better understand what staff need individually, within the environment, and related to providing complex, care-related tasks. Additionally, participants will be provided with conversational starters to promote interpersonal relationships within the team. During this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to evaluate frontline staff using evidenced-based methodologies to promote performance.
  • Understand how to utilize conversation starters to uncover what frontline staff need to be successful. 
  • Apply practical communication tips for speaking to frontline staff and other department leaders to engage staff across disciplines. 
  • Apply holistic care approaches to manage complex team dynamics in the field.

Leading the Way Through Challenges and Change

Presented by Cheryl Boldt, RN, LNHA, Senior Consultant, Maun-Lemke
Long term care providers have taken the needed action to fight a global pandemic and have established the required systems to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The never before seen challenges we have experienced in 2020 have made it more vital than ever to have superior staff in all roles. At the center of the rapid change required, at the helm of leading through the challenges of sweeping change, is the licensed nurse. Now, more than ever before, we need mission-driven nurses, in the right roles with the right attitudes and expertise. In this session, the presenter will:
  • Identify the various ways people react to change
  • Work with attendees to help them identify two personal leadership skills they possess and that they can grow and leverage personally and professionally
  • Work with attendees to help them identify two personal leadership skills to improve upon, and design a personal action plan to accomplish this
  • Work with attendees to help them identify two systems implemented during the pandemic that should not go away and why 

Operationalizing Leadership and Communications
Presentations by Holly Carlson, MSN, RN and Cynthia McDaniel, MSN, RN, CEO, Nurse Gerontologist, ElderWise

Being a leader is difficult on an ordinary day. Being a leader when the stakes are high can seem impossible. Operationalizing leadership skills that carry organizations through high stakes times are built before the crisis occurs. In this session, participants will learn how to:

  • Build discretionary effort among followers
  • Minimize resistance to change
  • Build a thriving culture of peer accountability

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